Founded in 2003, Agency Los Angeles® partners with the biggest brands throughout the LA area and nationally to help with their web, social media, mobile, cloud, storage, online media and social marketing needs.

The brands represented by Los Angeles® dramatically improve their performance through innovation and creativity.

What We've Done

»Created 3 of the most popular mobile games for the top 5 social media sites. 

»Delivered 27 iPhone, 35 Android, and 14 Blackberry apps that allowed social media engagement with Facebook plugins.

»Engaged 70+ enterprise clients in SEM launch, optimization, and campaign analysis with a 0 attrition rate.

»Processed, serviced, and maintained $110 million of airtime commercial schedules

»Created 137 international interactive foreign language websites with 57 partner agencies.

»Managed celebrity talent identification, contract negotiation and relationship management for 30 celebrity agreements totaling over $60 million.

»Oversaw production of 75 national print ads and coordinated regional adaptations.

»Managed timelines and pre/post production for 75d+ national TV spots.

»Helped dozens of startups monetize their products in cost-effective ways, leverage data in new ways to drive revenue, and develop non-standard advertising opportunities.

»With unrivaled talent at your disposal and no job too big and no budget too small we offer "smart" services that can help your company go to the next level.


Our Specializations:

» Interactive architecture, design and development
» Software architecture, design and development
» Mobile architecture, design and development
» Cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS),    architecture, design and development
» 3D graphic architecture, design and development
» Social media design and development
» Ecommerce design and development
» Integrated digital marketing and media
» Brand development
» Public relations
» Research, strategic planning
» Innovative legal
» Documentation
» Packaging, product design, development
» Television, radio, print, video, online advertising
» Media buying, coordinating, planning, directing
» Creative direction
» Concept development
» Content management
» Copywriting, web content writing
» Illustration, animation
» Bilingual copywriting
» Client services
» Account management
» Talent development
» Contract management
» Budgeting
» Product marketing
» SEO, PPC, campaign management
» Traffic management
» Direct marketing
» Email marketing
» Event marketing
» Channel marketing
» Lifestyle marketing
» Outdoor advertising